Cuba struggles with role of new era 4th Estate 

Censorship: A reader goes through a Cuba newspaper – sharing the same problem as audiences worldwide.

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jason brown
founder ja2025

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By now, the outlines of the Global Journalism Crisis are well known. But for one nation, debate about the GJC have taken on added urgency, given the ending of decades of embargo from the United States. We are talking, of course about Cuba:

In January, veteran Cuban journalist and columnist Luis Sexto—a recipient of Cuba’s most prestigious journalism award in 2009 for his lifetime contribution to the profession— lamented Cuba’s “propagandistic journalism, incapable of creating and resolving conflicts” and the “dull and uncritical character of the Cuban press.” If journalists “only write to defend the stance of the paper, or those behind it, [then] journalism has no purpose”, Sexto added. He concluded: “the press cannot be a window through which enemy influences penetrate society, but neither can it serve our own self-deception”.

Emphasis added. Many of the issues identified in this piece are recognisable to anyone working in journalism, almost anywhere – editorial censorship, corporate interference, journalists and whistleblowers being sacked for exposing politically unpopular viewpoints. That all these are taking place in an allegedly socialist country appears to make little difference.

Source: Struggle over the Cuban press intensifies | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal


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